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This site was created so as to provide a place where you can learn about myself and all the things  I do, both in normal life and the SCA, as well as provide information for those who are interested in my software development and metalworking.

Software Developer

My primary professional occupation is that of an Object Oriented developer with experience in client-server and web based applications. Through the years I have added experience in IT Management, Systems Administration, and networking, and have gained a reputation as a hard worker who will get the job done, while providing positive representation for the customer.


I currently stand as the 30th Provost of the Kingdom of Atlantia, as well as a Rapier Marshal in the Southern Maryland area.

Metal Worker

As a member of the SCA, I was introduced to art of metal working, in particular casting and the reproduction of historical armor, 14th-16th centuries. Most of my work is usually done for the various chapters of the SCA, though I also do private comissions from time to time.  I was recognized in August of 2011 as a Laurel of the Society for my work in casting.


During my time as member of the SCA, I have held numerous positions and as a result of my years of service, I was recognized as a Pelican of the Society in 2014.

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